Dark Ages Kings

Introduction of King Sankaradeva

Sankaradeva was the King of Nepal during the Dark Ages from 1069 A.D. to 1082 A.D. for 13 Years. King Sankaradeva has been attributed with making and keeping Peace in Nepal Mandal and creating a temple with the image of Sankesvara in the Naxal Region of Nepal.

According to some Historians, he was expelled by one of the descendants of Amshuverma known as Vamadeva who ruled Nepal for three Years.

Reign of King Sankaradeva

The Life and Personality of King Sankaradeva are very unclear. According to Gopal Raja Bansawali, he ruled Nepal for 15 years whereas William Kirkpatrick mentions that he ruled Nepal for 17 Years. His can be understood and further illuminated through his Five Manuscripts.

Although the details of his reign aren’t available, King Sankaradeva was an illustrious ruler who slowly consolidated his Power. At the beginning of his reign, Only the Title Shree is used with the epithet of Vijayarajye.

Consequently, The Third Inscription highlights a very long title and epithet. Although Historians believed that he shared his Kingdom during his reign, it is quite unlikely as his reign ended much earlier.

Also, Five Manuscripts and Inscriptions have been found of the reign of King Sankaradeva to date. Among them, Four of them are Situated in Patan concluding that he primarily ruled Patan in Nepal.

Both Gopal Raja Bansawali and William Kirkpatrick’s chronicle highly speak of him as having built a Temple of Nandisala at Naksal and also set up an image of Lord Sankara himself. He also built a beautiful Shrine in Manohara Bhagavati. The Chronicles also mention that the country was peaceful under his reign.

According to Bhasa Bansawali, King Sankaradeva was the last ruler of the Nuwakot Thakuri Dynasty in Nepal which was established by Bhasakaradeva.

King Vamadeva, a descendant of Amshuverma is said to have exiled him to the Western hills of Nepal. That being the case, the King who loved peace and prosperity was removed through the exercise of Power by Vamadeva.

Vamadeva ruled Nepal for a few years as well after which Harsadeva started ruling Nepal.

Gopal Raja Bansawali

King Sankaradeva on Gopal Raja Bansawali
Gopal Raja Bansawali

King Sankaradeva was a religious and Peaceful King. He preferred to build temples and restore them rather than fight Wars against opposing Kingdoms.

He was an important King of the Dark Ages as he Built temples in Naksal, Kathmandu, and a shrine in Manohara. He also introduced peace during his 13-year reign as the King of Nepal.


King Sankaradeva is an insignificant King in the History of Nepal who built a temple and brought temporary peace. However, he was easily deposed and removed from his throne.

Therefore, his relevancy is a bare minimum in the larger picture of Nepali History. His Importance should be likely kept aside from that of King Raghavadeva, King Lakshmikamadeva, and King Gunakamadeva.


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