Kings of Gorkha

Introduction to Chatra Shah

King Chatra Shah is the King of Gorkha who ruled the Kingdom as the grandson of Drabya Shah in 1605 A.D. for One Year. After the death of his Father, he succeeded to the throne of Gorkha as the eldest son of the Eldest Queen of Purna Shah.

He has been referred to by various names such as Kshatra Shah, Kshetra Shah, etc. An Inscription of House Aryal of Cha Thar Ghar also mentions the name, Kshetra Shahi.

Reign of Chatra Shah

The Reign of Chatra Shah was short spanning only seven months. He was only able to perform minimal to no expansion throughout this brief tenure. There are no historical texts that go into great detail on his kingdom’s growth.

Chatra Shah was the first King to attempt to conquer the Kingdom of Barpak whose Capital was situated in Lingoong. He attacked Barpak with a capable force led by a capable commander.

The Soldiers of Barpak also arrived shortly but couldn’t defeat the Gorkhali Soldiers. Consequently, the Gorkhali soldiers looted Lingoong and its treasures.

Chatra Shah actually defeated King Chagya Surtan of Barpak Kingdom and decided to attack Kathmandu Valley and ordered to make Two Large Kettle Drums. However, he died before the completion of those Kettle Drums.

According to Various Historians, Ram Shah and Chatra Shah belonged to the same mother. Although he had a wife, they were childless before his death. After his death, the question of Kingship plagued the Gorkha Durbar.

Ram Shah, who was living in Salyan with his mother Aambawati was called up to Gorkha to be made its King. This coincidental Death of Chatra Shah paved the way for one of the greatest kings of the Gorkha Kingdom to sit on its throne.


Although he is one of the lesser-known Kings of the Gorkha Kingdom, he was instrumental in defeating the King of Barpak and showing his ambitions. Also, his death was followed by the crowing of Ram Shah, one of the most famous Kings of the Shah Dynasty.


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