Kings of Gorkha

Introduction to Dambar Shah

King Dambar Shah was the King of Gorkha who was the son of Ram Shah and grandson of Purna Shah and ruled from 1633 A.D. to 1642 A.D. for Nine Years. He was crowned the King of Gorkha after his father King Ram Shah saw a dream from Lord Gorakhnath who suggested to him that it was time to die.

The Exact date of the ascension of King Dambar Shah isn’t well known to say the least. However, he couldn’t have ascended to the throne before 1633 A.D.

Reign of Dambar Shah

Dambar Shah faced some challenges throughout his reign as the King of Gorkha. In the Kathmandu Valley, Powerful Kings like Pratap Malla and Siddhi Narsingh Malla had ascended to the throne and were planning on extending their territory.

On the Other Hand, King Tula Sen also wanted to attack Gorkha after the death of Ram Shah. The Tradition Animosity between Lamjung and Gorkha further increased during Dambar Shah’s reign.

Dambar Shah also visited the Kingdom of Lalitpur after being invited by Siddinarasingh Malla to celebrate the construction of Krishna Mandir. Unfortunately, King Pratap Malla attacked them, and the wealth of Dambar Shah was also confiscated.


One of the Bansawali states that Dambar Shah was married to Padmavati, the daughter of King Hambir Sen of Tanahu. Bhasa Bansawali states that he had four other Queens:

  1. Varnavati
  2. Rukmavati
  3. Gangavati
  4. Bhanumati

Krishna Shah, The Crown Prince of Gorkha was born through Varnavati.


Dambar Shah was a Religious King. He engaged in the Worship of Deities. As the leading deities of Gorkha were Gorakhnath and Manakamana, they were given priority in Political Traditions. He also participated in Donations.

He also built a near his Darbar, which he named after himself. He commissioned for a book named Pradosh Shiva Pooja Vidhi.

Although the details of the Expansion and Governance System of Dambar Shah aren’t well known, he played a minimum role in the History of Nepal.


He was a non-significant ruler of Gorkha who faced some challenges. He expanded the Gorkha Royal Family. He failed to establish himself in the significance of Larger Nepal.


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