Kings of Gorkha

Introduction to Krishna Shah

Krishna Shah was the Sixth Shah King to rule Gorkha Kingdom. His reign covered a period of 11 Years from 1643 A.D. to 1654 A.D. He was the eldest Son of King Dambar Shah and the great-grandfather of Narbhupal Shah. He was the grandson of Ram Shah.

Krishna Shah was a soft-hearted, easy-going, and religious King. His reign is quite known for having minimum to zero important events without any expansion and war. He also didn’t want to create conflict with Lamjung.

Reign of Krishna Shah

Although the reign of Krishna Shah was said to have been before 1643 A.D., the archaeological evidence found suggests that he was not the king before this date. It is contrary to some historical descriptions. Krishna Shah was the eldest son of King Dambar Shah and Queen Varnavati.

The exact length of Krishna Shah’s reign is debated among historians. Some Historians have argued that his reign was 11 years and others stating it was 16 years. According to the “Panchashika”, he ascended the throne in 1643 A.D.

However, Itihas Shiromani Baburam Acharya claimed that he reigned for only 16 years from 1642 to 1658. The details of his ascension is uncertain although most historians agree with Acharya’s account.

His reign was a peaceful one and no significant expansion of Gorkha’s state happened during his tenure. He was a soft-hearted and easy-going king who avoided conflict with neighboring states. As a result, there were no major conflicts during his reign.

A road leading from Lamjung’s capital village, Besishahar, to the border of Lamjung was built through various villages of the Gorkha state to Dhading. Had there been an atmosphere of war with Gorkha, the construction of the road would have been hindered.

However the neighboring kingdoms’ kings, including Kaski and Tanahun, were also soft-tempered during the reign of Krishna Shah.


Krishna Shah is a Peaceful and Religious King of Gorkha that established Diplomatic Relationship with surrounding Kingdoms. After his death, his son Rudra Shah took the throne of Gorkha.


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