Kings of Gorkha

Introduction to Purna Shah

Purna Shah was the King of the Gorkha Kingdom from 1569 A.D. to 1604 A.D. for 35 years after his father Drabya Shah.

He was the Father of Ram Shah. During his reign Gorkha kingdom extended to the land between the Marsyangdi River and Gandaki River in the east and the south of Magarat.

He established a good relationship with their neighbors including the Kingdom of Tanahu and Barpak. He also defeated attacks made by the Kingdom of Lamjung.

Reign of Purna Shah

Purna Shah faced rivalry with Lamjung, with Chuda Shah as the king of Lamjung. There was a great enmity with Lamjung, just as in the time of Dravya Shah, when the brother of Drabya Shah, Narahari Shah attacked Liligkot, and Chuda Shah (The Son of Narahari Shah) also attacked Liligkot of Gorkha.

However, his valor was seen as he defeated Lamjung’s forces in the battle of Liligkot.

Purna Shah also suffered from a huge blockade from Barpak Kingdom. Barpak Kingdom was the center of the Salt Trade and was ruled by Gurungs. Later, Tanahu Kingdom assisted Gorkha and they managed to end the blockade saving Gorkha from huge problems.

In the later years of his Reign, he decided to expand The Kingdom of Gorkha with two major targets. The First Target was Dhading and the Second Target was Kingdom Salyan. He miserably failed against Salyan but managed to defeat and get victory over some parts of Dhading concluding the First Unification of the Gorkha Kingdom.


During his reign, Purna Shah, managed to grow Gorkha . He faced rivalry with Lamjung but defeated them in the battle of Liligkot.


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