Introduction to Narendra Malla

Amara Malla, also known as Narendra Malla, was the Third King in the History of the Kingdom of Kantipur. He was the son of King Surya Malla and grandson of Ratna Malla. Moreover, ascended to the throne and ruled Nepal for 31 years from 1529 A.D. to 1560 A.D.

Amara Malla or Narendra Malla

Chronology of Narendra Malla
Chronology by D.R. Regmi

Amara Malla and Narendra Malla appear as two different Individuals

A Significant controversy among Nepalese historians regarding the identity of Amara Malla and Narendra Malla. Several historians have debated whether Amara Malla and Narendra Malla were the same King or two different Kings.

Dilli Raman Regmi has argued that they were different individuals, whereas Rishikesh Shah has argued that they were the same man with different names. However, neither of these arguments has particularly convincing proof to support them.

Dilli Raman Regmi has stated that the Inscriptions and Manuscripts mentioning them are quite distinct in Nature and unique from One Another. For the Sake of Simplicity, we have considered them as the same Individuals.

Rise of Mahapatras of Patan

Although the controversy between Amara Malla and Narendra Malla still persists, the certainty of one fact is clear. During his reign, the Kingdom of Patan asserted its independence from the Kingdom of Kathmandu and established its Own King with its own form of Governance.

Visnusimha was made the King of Patan and later his sons including Purandhar Simha ruled Patan independently for decades until being conquered by Sivasimha Malla of Kathmandu.

Religious Temperament

Amara Malla was a Religious King with a passionate appreciation for Arts, Dance, and Architecture.

He supported religious dances like Mana, Maiju, Haricoka Devi, Pacali Bhairava, and Navadurga in the Kathmandu Valley.

Amara Malla was a deep appreciator of the dances of Goddess Harisiddhi.

Manuscripts and Inscriptions

An Inscription of Mahendra Malla discovered in Lalitpur has stated that Narendra Malla was the Father of Mahendra Malla. Mahendra Malla became one of the Greatest Kings of Kathmandu.


Although the dichotomy of Amara Malla and Narendra Malla is a matter of Historical Inaccuracy, it must be kept in mind that King Narendra Malla was the successor of King Surya Malla.


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