Kings of Kathmandu

Introduction to Parthivendra Malla

Parthivendra Malla was the son of Pratap Malla and ruled Kathmandu from 1680 A.D. to 1687 A.D. for seven years.

He resembled his Father in multiple ways. He erected the Statutes of Pratap Malla, himself and his Child. He further claimed himself to be the King of Poets. After Parthivendra completed seven years of his reign, he was killed by mixing Poison with his Dinner.

Parthivendra Malla was passionate about poetry and the arts, just like his father. Fifty miles southeast, he claimed the capture of Sindhuli, and built statues of himself, his wives, his mother, and his son.

In an inscription, he even bestowed upon himself the ostentatious title of Maharaja Dhiraja Raja Rajendra. It indicates that he was the heir apparent to Pratap Malla after the death of Cakravartendra Malla.

The King of Poets

Parthivendra felt, like his father, that he was entitled to the poetic brilliance. He referred to himself as “Kaviraja” and wrote poems praising himself as well as songs of pleas to gods.

He also asserted that he was a gifted learner, saying that he was an expert in grammar, lexicography, mythology, music, fine arts, philosophy, rhetoric, and poetry. Along with his affiliation with his two queens, he even mentioned these accomplishments in the inscription found on the Taleju Pillar.

Antagonism and Tragedy

Regretfully, there were issues under Parthivendra’s rule. He became antagonistic towards his younger brother Mahipatendra Malla and advisor Laxminarayana Josi urged him to be antagonistic. In the end, this resulted in Mahipatendra’s flight to Patan.

A catastrophe befell the kingdom in AD 1687. At nine o’clock at night, Parthivendra Malla passed away from poisoned rice. His main queen lived to become the Queen Consort of Parthivendra’s son Bhupalendra Malla, but the other twenty-four women were burnt to death.

Death of Parthivendra Malla

After his death, Laxminarayan Josi claimed the Chief Minister position, and Bhupalendra ascended the throne at just eight years old.


Parthivendra Malla was the Son of Pratap Malla with passion towards the Creative Endeavours such as Poems, Arts and Literature. He had a relatively temporary Period of Rule over the Kingdom of Kathmandu and he was succeded by his Son, Bhupalendra Malla.


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