Kings of Kathmandu

Introduction to Sadasiva Malla

Sadasiva Malla was the eldest son of The Great King Mahendra Malla and ruled Kathmandu for four years before being deposed and moved to Bhaktapur. According to Historical Chronicles, Sadasiva was known for being extravagant without moral constraints or principles.

He would conduct night raids and capture women for his pleasure, leading the Later Malla Kings not to acknowledge or mention him as King.

Reign of Sadasiva Malla

Sadasiva Malla succeeded his Father Mahendra Malla directly as King of Kathmandu following his death in 1574 A.D. As soon as Sadasiva Malla began ruling, citizens noticed his lavish spending habits combined with inconsiderate behaviour towards his constituents.

His reign was marked by a lavish lifestyle and extravagant use of Nepalese citizens’ resources for personal gain, leading to public disdain and eventually leading to his forced abdication by Sivasimha the Conqueror, his half-brother.

Sadasiva Malla’s exact length of rule remains under much debate due to limited data from that era. While it was previously believed he ruled for only two or three years, recent research indicates his reign may have lasted much longer than this estimate.

Fall of Sadasiva Malla

Sadasiva Malla was deeply despised by his people and nobles in Kathmandu for his reckless ways, so Sivasimha, known for his military conquests saw an opportunity to overthrow him as their monarch.

Sivasimha’s fierce opposition, combined with public resentment of Sadasiva, resulted in his downfall from power. Ultimately he fled Kathmandu for Bhaktapur as asylum until his death in 1581 A.D.


Sadasiva Malla was not only short-lived but also notorious. His reign was marred by a widespread mass uprising. Malla Kings later shunned him due to their perception of him being unpopular, licentious and tyrannic ruler.

Even with all its negative aspects, Sadasiva Malla’s reign was commemorated with a rectangular courtyard named Sadasivachowk in Bhaktapur Palace that remembers his time there.


Sadasiva Malla was the eldest son of King Mahendra Malla and reigned over Kathmandu from 1574-1578 AD. He has garnered a bad reputation among Historians as well as the History enthusiasts of Nepal.


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