Introduction to Abhaya Malla

Abhaya Malla was the Last King of the Khas Malla Kingdom who ruled it from 1376 A.D. TO 1390 A.D. He was the Son of King Surya Malla and was Childless.

He was trained from a young age to participate in administrative activities, hence, he had a smooth administration. When he was a Prince, he led his armies and conquered a revolting Region, Doti.

However, The Rise of the Bumma Family and the lack of an heir to the Khas Malla Kingdom led to its eventual Downfall.

Reign of Abhaya Malla

After the death of his Father Surya Malla, Abhaya Malla became the King of the Khas Malla Kingdom. He met with undefeatable challenges among which the major one was the rise of the Five Members of the Bumma Family.

Initially, they were courtiers but transformed into Powerful Feudal Rulers who wanted independence from the Khas Malla Kingdom.

The Five Powerful Bumma or Burma men are Malai Bamma, Medini Bamma, Jayant Bamma, Sujan Bamma, and Sumeru Bamma. However, they couldn’t battle openly against the Khas Kings.

Abhaya Malla became continuously weaker in power because of the Bumma Family. Historians have also predicted that he was childless or that The Bumma Family didn’t allow them to become Kings.

It is said that one of the Four Young Princes proposed to marry the daughter of Abhaya Malla, consequently becoming the King of Khas Malla Kingdom. The Four Princes were Medini Burma, Bali Rawal, Sarbhum Chyattal, and Jagati Samal.

The Death of Abhaya Malla followed the reign of Medini Burma and Bali Rawal with a Dual Kingship. Bali Rawal even reigned as the sole King of the Khas Malla Kingdom. During the reign of Bali Rawal, the Khas Malla Kingdom disintegrated into 22 other states.

The Empire established by King Nagaraja and Krachalla and continued by Ripu Malla and Punya Malla disintegrated during the reign of Abhaya Malla.

End of Khas Malla Kingdom

The existence of Abhaya Malla was destroyed by the power of the Bammas. The Bummas eventually succeded in establishing themselves. The 300-year-old vast Khas Kingdom disintegrated during the reign of Abhaya Malla.

He became the last Khas Malla king of the Khas Kingdom. The End of the Khas Malla Kingdom can be considered the end of a developed West as after Abhaya Malla, the Kingdom failed to bring strong Infrastructural and Cultural Developments.

Through the Passing of Time, 22 States emerged in the Khas Malla Kingdom known as the Baise Rajyas.


Abhaya Malla was the last king of the Khas Malla Kingdom. He was replaced by the Bummas. Moreover, the end of Abhaya Malla’s reign was the major cause of the fall of the greatest Kingdom of the Western Region of Nepal.


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