Introduction to Punya Malla

Punya Malla, the patriarch of the Suryavanshi Pal Dynasty, ruled the Khas Malla Kingdom from 1327 A.D. to 1337 A.D.

He succeeded Aditya Malla after the death of Aditya Malla‘s son. Despite not being the son of the Malla Kings, Punya Malla came from the Suryavanshi Pal family and belonged to the dynasty of King Nagaraja.

Reign of Punya Malla

One of the sons of Aditya Malla died before his Father whereas another son retired to Tibet as a monk. Due to the lack of an heir, he decided to marry his son Sakunmala to Prince Punya Pal of Jumla.

Therefore, Punya Malla became the King of Nepal. After ascending the throne of the Khas Kingdom, he gave up the Pal surname and assumed the Malla surname.

During the reign of Punya Malla, the Kathmandu Valley was attacked six times in a Row. Therefore, the Kathmandu Valley paid Suzerainty Taxes to the Khas Empire.

Contributions of Punya Malla


Kanakpatra, a Golden Inscription which was discovered in the Far Western Region of Nepal was written during the reign of Punya Malla.


He was interested in charity work, fasting, pilgrimage, and other similar activities. He was also known for his virtuous name and work.

Invasion of Kathmandu

Punya Malla attacked the Kathmandu Valley six times in a row from 1333 A.D. onwards and wreaked havoc on the residents there.

While this may not seem like a positive contribution, it is considered significant because it helped establish his rule over the region and also proved his power and strength as a ruler. He also gained significant monetary benefits from the attacks increasing the economic prosperity of the Khas Malla Kingdom.


King Punya Malla was the First Khas Malla King after Nagaraja who reigned over the Khas Malla Kingdom.


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