Gupta's of Nepal

Introduction to Anuparam Gupta

Anuparam Gupta was the Father of Bhaum Gupta, the influential Co-Ruler during the Lichhavi Dynasty. He was a religious man with a great ability to write in Sanskrit Literature and Philosophy. He is an important part of Lichhavi’s History because of his future successors who Co-Rule Nepal and because he was a learned and educated man.

Anuparam Gupta famously wrote the Inscription of Satyanarayan of Hadigaon in the praise of the Great Sage Dvaipayana or Ved Vyas. The Inscription is written in Skilled Sanskrit Language.

He was also the Ancestors of De-Facto Rulers Jisnu Gupta and Vishnu Gupta.

Family of Anuparam Gupta
Chronology of the Gupta Family

Legacy of Anuparam Gupta

Only a few things are known about the identity and family of Anuparama Gupta is known. He was the Husband of Abhir Gomini who constructed a Temple in Pashupatinath for her. Anuparam was a powerful and wise member of the Abhir Clan. His son, Bhaum Gupta also managed to exert his influence over Nepal and establish himself. Anuparam died in 540 A.D.


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