Queen of Nepal

Introduction to Queen Bhogini

Queen Bhogini was the Eldest Wife of King Manadeva of the Lichhavi Dynasty. She is famous because Manadev issued a coin in her name. She has been provided the Title of Shree as well as Devi which means that she was the most respected Queen of King Manadeva.

King Manadev had other wives as well which includes Gunawati and Chemsundari. Chemsundari even constructed a Temple as well.

She constructed a Shivalinga in Bishnupaduka Fedi as well. She has been mentioned as Devi. Devi was an honorary name conferred to the Eldest Queen.

She was also the daughter-in-law of King Dharmadeva and Queen Regent Rajyavati.

Also, One of the Coins of King Manadeva had Shree Manank Written on one side and Shree Bhogini written on the other side which highlights the importance of the Queen during the time.

The Character of Queen Bhogini

Inscription of Suryaghat on Queen Bhogini
Inscription of Suryaghat

The Queen of King Manadev famously known as Shree Bhogini, who was a gem filled with good qualities, kind to creatures, possessed of modesty, melodious voice like the sound of a veena, and had good speech.

Born in Lichchavikula, he (Manadeva) gave birth to Vijayavati, a daughter with many good qualities, when the moon shone on Sri Bhogini on a clear night of autumn.

Translation of The Inscription of Suryaghat

Queen Bhogini and King Manadev also had a daughter named Bijayavati who is said to have been skilled in multiple arts and talents.


She was an important aspect of the reign of King Manadeva as she is featured in coins, and many inscriptions, and is said to have a daughter named Bijayavati as well. She could have also been the Mother of King Mahideva as well.


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