Gupta's of Nepal

Introduction to Ravi Gupta

Ravi Gupta is the First Known Sarvadandanayak and Mahapratihar in the History of Nepal. He was the First Member of the Gupta Family to exert dominance over the Lichhavi Kings of Nepal and establish the Guptas as Powerful Rulers of Nepal. He rose to a Powerful Position during the reign of King Basantadeva. Not only that, but he also acted as the Dutak which means that he was the trusted man of King Basantadeva.

Ravi Gupta
Inscription of Bahalukha of Basantadeva

Rise of Ravi Gupta

Ravi Gupta was first mentioned in the Historical Documents of the Lichhavi Dynasty during the reign of King Basantadeva in 512 A.D., seven years after the death of King Manadeva. Initially, he is seen in the post of Dutak. Dutak was the official of the King who would share the decision of the King with the People. They were the Bridge between the King and the Citizens.

After the Position of Dutak, Ravi Gupta also claimed the position of Sarvadandanayak and Mahapratihar. Sarvadandanayak was the Supreme Administrator of the nation who had the power to regulate rules and regulations and assist the King in Punishment allocation

Mahapratihar was the trusted administrator who gave information from all villages and Local Levels to the King. Basically, King was informed of the events of Nepal through Mahapratihar.

Ravi Gupta had, therefore, received the highest of honor through King Basantadeva as the position he was given was the Highest Position conferrable to an average citizen.

Reign of Ravi Gupta

Inscription of Chaukitar of Basantadeva

Ravi Gupta had nearly become the Co-Ruler of Nepal 19 years after him being first mentioned. By 531 A.D., he was regularly mentioned in the Inscriptions and Documents in Nepal. However, in this Document, Kramlil was also mentioned as Maharaja Mahasamanta who was quite rare and highlights that Ravi Gupta had to share his power with him.

After two years of this Inscription, Both King Basantadeva and had faded away and disappeared which means that Ravi Gupta had become unpopular and conducted some Scandals at the time.


His is considered important and unique in the History of Nepal. Not only did he start controlling the Kings of Nepal but he also paved way for Amshuverma, Bhaum Gupta, etc to act as Co-Rulers in Later times. His rise ended the independence enjoyed by Kings such as Manadev and was only restored by the Great King Narendradeva.


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