Lichhavi King

Introduction to Manadeva Fourth

Manadeva Fourth was a Lichhavi king who ruled the kingdom of Nepal in 878 A.D.

Little is known about Manadeva Fourth, except for a few scattered references in ancient texts. The Sahottarantra, written on palm leaves in the latest Lichchavi script, mentions a king named Manadeva who ruled during Samvat 301, corresponding to AD 878.

According to calculations by Petech, this king was none other than Manadeva Fourth, the Last Manadeva King of Nepal.

Reign of Manadeva Fourth

The Gopal Raj Banshawali has also mentioned the details of the reign of Manadeva Fourth. According to the Bansawali, Manadeva was a powerful ruler who built a structure called “Nholatavanimam” and ruled for 31 years. However, he is neither Manadeva First, nor Manadeva Second nor Manadeva Third.

While the meaning of Tawanimam is unclear, some historians believe it refers to a new market or city that Manadeva built during his reign.

Very Few to None are recalled Manadeva Fourth or his reign. It is unclear what kind of ruler he was or what challenges he faced during his time on the throne.


Very Few to None of the details is available to ascertain with confidence about the reign of King Manadeva Fourth.


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