Lichhavi King

Introduction to Manadeva Third

Manadeva Third was a Lichhavi King who ruled Nepal in 756 A.D., according to an Inscription discovered in Patan Yagvahal and Kathmandu Makhan Tanabahal.

One of these Inscriptions contains a specific date, and the other Inscription is fragmented.

Reign of Manadeva Third

The first Inscription is inscribed on the pedestal of an Avalokitesvara statue in Patan Yangvahal. It contains the inscription “Rajya Srimanadevasya”. It is believed to be a reference to Manadeva Third. This inscription is great evidence of his existence and status as a Nepal ruler.

The second Inscription is written on the pedestal of a deity located inside Kathmandu Makhan Tanabahal. Although the date on this record is fragmented, many historians believe that this record also refers to Manadeva Third.

The historical records do not completely depict Manadeva Third’s life or reign. However, historians have been able to piece together some information about him based on the available evidence.

For example, it is believed that Manadeva Third was preceded by a king named Manadeva Second and Manadeva First.

Manadeva Third’s reign took place during an un-significant political and social setting in Nepal. Our History was on the verge of transition from a period of Written History to a more unwritten and Dark Aged Period.


In conclusion, He was a king who ruled Nepal in 756 A.D. His name is mentioned in two Inscriptions discovered in Nepal in Patan and Kathmandu.


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