Introduction to Manudeva

King Manudeva was the King of Nepal after King Basantadeva in 532 A.D. according to Historians. Gopal Raja Bansawali states that King Udayadeva was the King of Nepal after King Basantadeva. Due to the Lack of Evidence and Proofability, he was accepted as the King of the Lichhavi Dynasty after King Basantadeva.

Accounts of Manudeva

The Jayadeva Second Inscription of 733 A.D. has provided some ideas on the existence of Kings after Basantadeva. It has said that King Udayadeva (621 A.D.) was the 13th King after Basantadeva. Thus King Manudeva must have been the King of Nepal after Basantadeva.

King Manudev is mentioned twice in the inscription found at Budhanilkantha. Dhanavajra Vajracharya believes that the brief Geneology of Jitamitra Malla mentions Manodeva or Manudeva after Vasantadeva. Hence, he actually became the King of Nepal.

In consideration of his life and reign, he ruled Nepal anywhere between 532 A.D. to 538 A.D. In his reign, Mahasamanta Kramlil was dominant. Kramlil was a great feudal lord who was the de-facto ruler of Nepal after 532 A.D. till his death and the rise of Bhaum Gupta.

Inscription of King Manudeva

It is recorded in this inscription that during the reign of King Manudev, a rich person installed a magnificent statue of Mahadev (Shivalinga). In its present state, the Shivlinga has been destroyed.

It seems that the Jagga Guthi has also been kept for the purpose of worshiping the Shivlinga. The name of the person who installed this Shiv Linga is not known.

It was known that during the rainy season when there was no rain, the people of Patan came here to ask for water. From this, it is assumed that a person from Patan established this Shivlinga.


He falls among the tens and tens of Kings in Nepali History that we know existed, unfortunately, without evidence about themselves, their life, or their reign.


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