Lichhavi King

Introduction of King Ramadeva

King Ramadeva was another King of the Lichhavi Dynasty who ruled Nepal in 545 A.D. after King Manudeva and King Vamanadeva. He also falls among one of the least known Lichhavi Kings of Nepal with little to no historical significance.

He hasn’t been mentioned in the Gopal Raja Bansawali. He hasn’t been mentioned in the Geneology of Lichhavi Kings by King Jayadeva II in Pashupati. Hence, He wasn’t an important Lichhavi King.

There is little to no knowledge about the personality and identity of King Ramadeva. The Only inscription where he has been mentioned doesn’t consist of anything special as you will observe.

The Interesting Part of the reign of King Ramadeva and his Inscription is that Maharaj Maha Samanta Kramlil has been mentioned again with the Title of Maharaj.

It means that Kramlil, a feudal lord of whom we don’t know much had gained substantial powers after 532 A.D. Maha Samanta was co-ruling Nepal with the King at the time as per the speculation of Dhanabajra Bajracharya.

Inscription of Ramadeva

His Identity, to this date, has only been revealed in the Inscription of a place near Mrighasthali which lies near the Pashupatinath Temple. This Inscription is dated back to 545 A.D. The previous inscription was that of King Vamanadeva in 538 A.D. The Inscription states:

King Ramadeva was also offered the title of “Bhattarak Maharaja Shree”, which also proves that he was the actual King of the Lichhavi Dynasty. Also, Like Manudeva and Vamandeva, who sat on the throne after Basantadeva, this Ramadeva has also not been identified.

This Inscription near Mrighasthali only proves that the Lichchavi king Ramadeva was on the throne in Samvat 467.

In this inscription, It is mentioned that a woman called Manmati had reserved some land for the worship of ‘Natheshwar’. Manmati has offered both Vishnu and Shiva devotion which means that Religious Secularism was high even during this period of instability.


Hence, in this period of Instability, he falls among another insignificant ruler of the Lichhavi Dynasty whose reign was overshadowed by Mahasamanta Kramlil.


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