Lichhavi King

Introduction to Shankaradeva Second

Shankaradeva Second has been mentioned in an Inscription discovered at the Changunarayan Temple in 749 A.D.

Not all kings have left behind substantial Inscriptions, and their existence is known through a handful of inscriptions. Shankaradeva Second is one such King. His existence is known through an inscription in the Changunarayan temple, dated 749 A.D. However, little information are less known. Therefore, much Speculation is presented upon his Kingship.

Reign of Shankaradeva Second

Historians have also theorized that Shankaradeva Second might have been a regional ruler. His reign might have been brief, and he might have been limited to a small region of Nepal. However, this theory remains unproven. The true nature of his reign remains a mystery. He succeded Shankaradeva First who was the Grand Father of King Manadeva First.


Shankaradeva Second is certainly a Lichhavi King who ruled 15 years after King Jayadeva Second.


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