Introduction to Dware

Dware was responsible for overseeing an area less important than the one governed by a Praman but more significant than a subdivision. In Medieval Nepal, the administrative system was organized hierarchically. At the top was the king, followed by high officials such as the Pramukh and Deshnayak.

The Dware was the head of a subdivisional administrative unit and was placed just below the Praman. It is evident from the inscriptions found in Nakadesa and Thimi. The region’s headquarters was the townlet of Thimi. There, a Praman was stationed. Places of lesser importance, like Bode and Nakadesa, were looked after by them under the Praman.

Responsibilities of Dware

Dware was in charge of protecting its domain from both internal and external threats. They were tasked with overseeing the customs office and monitoring foreigners’ admission into the city. There were defensive outposts all around the city, all commanded by reliable people. He instantly got to know everyone and was the king’s guy on the spot. The people dreaded him as a result.

It is unknown whether the administrative subordinate units received proper care aboard a military aircraft or not. Nonetheless, Dware had a reputation for having a firm hold on things and for being a successful law enforcement officer. The residents complied with the law, thus his performance cannot be discounted.


They were entrusted with keeping peace and order in the area and supervising a Small Area. They performed their jobs well and were well-liked by the populace.

The inscriptions found in Nakadesa and Thimi have mentioned the existence of Dware.


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