Introduction of Rajguru

Rajguru was the Royal Advisor of the King and acted as the Spiritual Guidance of the Realm. He formed the Royal Council of Advisors along with Four Other Brahmins. The King seemed Guidance from Rajguru in matters relating to Law, Religion, and Forms of Knowledge. They are expected to be educated in Dharma Shastras and the Vedas.

The Importance of Rajguru was been brilliantly portrayed by a missionary named D’Appechie who states “They were an important figure whose words carried more weight and were more respected than that of the King”. It is said that he was much listened to by the People.

The So-Called Higher Caste and the So-Called Lower Caste all touched his feet to highlight their love and respect. Even the King had to touch his feet.

The Rajguru and His Council were given slight importance over Pramanas or Minister but were subordinate to the Chief Executive Officer or Chautara. He was the second powerful officer of the Realm after the Chautara. He even surpassed Mahath, Mulami, and other Officers as well.

He played an important role in Religious, Legal and Political Activities and Events of the State. He was proudly known as a Rajopadhyaya.

The Crowned King rarely dismissed them and could probably conduct themselves and his Council according to his Will without any opposition. Therefore, he led a politically stable council that also carried religious significance.

Some Important Rajguru

Visvanath Upadhyaya was the Rajguru and Royal Advisor of King Siddhi Narsingh Malla. He is described as having learned what Ved Vyas learned in his studies of Veda.

Harinatha Upadhyaya was an Important Rajguru and the Son of Visvanath Upadhyaya. Both Father and Son exerted a wide influence upon the King in the Malla Dynasty.

Bhatta Narayan was also Chief Religious Advisor who is said to have been well-versed in various aspects of Learning and Sivasimha Malla held him in high respect.

Rajadaivajna, another prominent Rajguru is said to have held multiple Rituals and deserved a special designation from his Royal Master.


Rajguru was the Primary Spiritual Guidance of the King. They were involved in the Political, Religious and Legal Activities of Nepal. They further acted as a member of the Royal Council of Advisors. The Most well known Rajguru’s of Medieval Period are: Visvanath Upadhyaya, Harinatha Upadhyaya, Bhatta Narayan, and Rajadaivajna


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