Queen of Nepal

Introduction to Devaladevi

Devaladevi was the daughter of Jayatunga Malla, the Leader of the Tripura Royal Family. She was also married to King Harisimhadeva of Tirhut Kingdom. Later, she raised her Niece’s Granddaughter Rajalladevi and married her to Jayastithi Malla.

She also maintained stability and punished the rebels in the Early Medieval Period. She eventually died in 1365 A.D. which led to the rise of Jayastithi Malla as well.

Rise of Devaladevi

Devaladevi was the younger daughter of Jayatunga Malla, the Leader of the Tripura Royal Family. She was born between 1295 A.D. to 1300 A.D. Later, she was married to King Harisimhadeva of Tirhut Kingdom. In the documents found in Tirhut Kingdom, she has been referred to as Devalaxmidevi as well.

After the invasion of Tirhut Kingdom by Gayasuddin Tughlaq and the death of her husband Harisimhadeva in 1326 A.D., she was forced to take asylum in Tripura itself. After her arrival, her brother Jayarudra Malla also died causing problems in the Tripura Royal Family.

After the death of her brother, Devaladevi started to assist her Mother Padumalladevi in ruling over Nepal. She also formed an alliance with Anekarama Mahath and men from Kasi. She married one of the men from Kasi named Harischandra to her niece Nayakadevi on the order of Padumalladevi.

Reign of Devaladevi

After the death of Padumalladevi and the sudden death of Nayakadevi, Devaladevi became the Queen Regent of Nepal. She took care of the Child Rajalladevi who was just an infant. Gopal Raja Bansawali states that she had to struggle to grow Rajalladevu up. The Father of Rajalladevi was imprisoned and her mother died 10 days after giving birth to her.

Then, She formed a diplomatic alliance with Chief Minister Anekarama Mahath and Jagatasimha, the father of Rajalladevi, and dominated Politics for two decades continuously growing up of Rajalladevi.

The Most Important Event during the regency of Devaladevi was the marriage of the Young Child with Jayastithi Malla. Although the origin of Jayastithi Malla is unknown he is said to have been brought from Tirhut because of the relation of Devaladevi.

In 1355 A.D. Anekarama Mahath died resulting in the sole reign of The Queen Regent. She was actually the Queen Regent and has been given the Full Royal Title in an unknown document as well.

Ten years after her stable and prosperous reign, she died in 1365 A.D. leaving a legacy only rare women do. She can be said to have been among the few Queen Regents that actually obtained the Official Title of a Queen.


Devaladevi is said to be the daughter of Jayatunga Malla and wife of King Harisimhadeva. She rose to power after the death of her husband and brother. She assisted her mother in ruling over Nepal and later became the Queen Regent after her mother’s death. She ruled for two decades, earning the title of Queen, and died in 1365 A.D.

Note: With the Evidence to this Date, Devaladevi is considered the Wife of Harisimhadeva. Alternatively, Historians have pointed out that she could have been the Wife of Jayarudra Malla himself. More Evidence is required to ascertain the Later Claim.


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