Queen of Nepal

Introduction to Ganga Rani

Ganga Rani was the Greatest Regent Queen in the History of the Malla Dynasty in Nepal. She was the Wife of King Visva Malla and later became the Queen Regent to her sons Tribhuvana Malla and Trailokya Malla. She also took part in many religious activities and built several Temples.

Later, She became the actual Co-Ruler of Bhaktapur until her death. One of the Documents in Thimi stated the Term Sri Jaya Gangaranidevi Thakurini, which means that she was also the Co Ruler of Nepal.

Reign of Ganga Rani

Ganga Rani was married to Visva Malla as his eldest Queen. Visva Malla ruled Nepal for nearly forty years till 1560 A.D. After the death of Visva Malla, two Kings are mentioned in the documents of Bhaktapur. The First One is King Trailokya Malla and the Second King is Tribhuvana Malla. However, both of these were children at the time and needed someone at the Time.

Therefore, the wife of Visva Malla whose name was Ganga Rani stepped up. The Origin and the Family Lineage of her aren’t well-known or expanded in detail. The Rare thing known about the Regent is that she guided her children till they got elder.

Also, The Regent managed to control her children even after they turned mature. One of the Documents stated that Ganga Rani had her sons below her during her Whole Life.

During her long Reign as the Queen Regent and Co-Ruler of Bhaktapur, she maintained stability in Bhaktapur along with his sons managed to construct various temples all around Bhaktapur. For these reasons, Ganga Rani is the most famous Regent in the History of Nepal.


Ganga Rani was a notable regent queen of Nepal’s Malla Dynasty. She married King Visva Malla and became queen regent to her sons Tribhuvana Malla and Trailokya Malla. She was also a co-ruler of Bhaktapur.


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