Queen of Nepal

Introduction to Nayakadevi

Nayakadevi was the daughter of Jayarudra Malla, who had become the Leader of the Tripura Royal Family as a child. Tripura Royal Family held the de-facto Power over Nepal during the Early Medieval Period.

She was guided in the governance of Nepal by her grandmother, Padumalladevi and her aunt, Devaladevi. The Life and Reign of Nayakadevi is full of conflicts and battles, leading to a highly unstable period. She died in 1346 A.D.

Rise to Power

Nayakadevi was born as the daughter of Jayarudra Malla with his eldest Wife. Jayarudra Malla was the son of Jayatunga Malla, the Real Leader of the Tripura Royal Family. After the death of Jayatunga Malla in 1812 A.D., Jayarudra Malla became the Leader of the Tripura Royal Family and brought victory and stability to the realm of Nepal Mandal.

After the reign of Jayari Malla, Jayarudra Malla suddenly died at the age of 30 years living his child on the throne of Nepal. Nayakadevi required a Regent to rule Nepal. Fortunately, Padumalladevi, the mother of Jayarudra Malla was alive. Therefore, he became the De-Facto Ruler.

She was the most Powerful Regent in the History of Nepal. All had accepted her as the Actual Queen of Nepal and many times referred to as Queen as well.

Reign of Nayakadevi

Also, she married her granddaughter Nayakadevi to a man from Kasi named Harischandra as well. Harischandra was also introduced to the politics of Nepal but was quickly disliked by the mass. He increasingly had conflicts with the Local Lords and he was finally assassinated.

After the assassination of Harischandra, his brother started to take care of Nayakadevi. However, she started to fall in love with a Prince from Tirhut named Jagatasimha. Although the identity of Jagatasimha was mysterious, he managed to get the support of most of the Nobles and Locals. He became an undeclared lover with Nayakadevi and this caused shockwaves throughout the Kingdom of Nepal.

In 1344 A.D., Jayari Malla suddenly died without having a legitimate son on the throne. Jayarajadeva, an illegitimate child of the previous King Jayanandadeva was crowned the King of Nepal. However, the real power lies within Nayakadevi and her Aunt Devaladevi. Padumalladevi, the great Regent had already died.

In the Year of 1345 A.D., Nayakadevi became pregnant with her daughter from Jagatasimha. By that time, the affair between her and Jagatasimha had been public. The Brother of her ex-wife was also imprisoned. However, the public was turning out against Jagatasimha. Another Minister named Anekarama Mahath gained substantial power as the Chief Minister of Nepal.

In 1346 A.D. she gave birth to her daughter Rajalladevi, the Wife of Jayastithi Malla, and died 10 days later. Although the beginning of her life was privileged, her end was tragic dying out of childbirth.

After her death, her husband was also imprisoned for some months and eventually released. He even ruled Nepal for a few days before his eventual Fall. Her daughter was taken care of by Devaladevi, her Aunt.


Nayakadevi was the daughter of Jayarudra Malla, who became the leader of the Tripura Royal Family in Nepal as a child. After his sudden death, Nayakadevi required a regent, and her grandmother Padumalladevi became the de facto ruler, with her aunt Devaladevi as her advisor.

Nayakadevi was married to a man from Kasi named Harischandra, who was disliked by the people and eventually assassinated. She then fell in love with a prince from Tirhut named Jagatasimha. It caused controversy in the kingdom. Nayakadevi became pregnant with Jagatasimha’s child. Anekarama Mahath gained substantial power as the chief minister of Nepal.

Nayakadevi gave birth to a daughter named Rajalladevi but died 10 days later due to complications from childbirth. Her husband was imprisoned for some time, and Devaladevi raised her daughter. Nayakadevi’s reign and life were full of conflicts and battles and it led to Nepal being instable in the Period.


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