Introduction to Jayadeva Malla

Jayadeva Malla or Jayadeva was the son of Abhay Malla and the Grandson of Ari Malla who ruled Nepal for three years from 1255 A.D. to 1258 A.D.

His Reign also suffered Natural Calamities including Earthquakes and Famine. Jayadeva died on 19th March 1258 A.D. after reigning for only three years.

Reign of Jayadeva Malla

The Origin and Beginning of Jayadeva Malla is one of the most controversial parts of his short reign. Although Ari Malla and Abhay Malla carry the surname of Malla, Jayadeva actually doesn’t. Only the Chronicles such as Bhasa Bansawali attribute him Malla but no original documents name him Malla. Even Gopal Raja Bansawali has abstained from giving him the Title of Malla.

Both Gopal Raja Bansawali and Bhasa Bansawali have mentioned Jayadeva Malla as the successor of Abhay Malla and consequently his son.

Gopal Raja Bansawali states that the reign of Jayadeva Malla was also troubled by a Violent Earthquake, famine, and epidemic. It is said that the People suffered through Massive Sorrow and Hunger. The Atmosphere was also surrounded by Fear.

Consequently, he couldn’t observe the same fate of his Kingdom as his Father Abhay Malla whose Reign is the Unluckiest in the Malla History of Nepal. Therefore, he voluntarily retired and provided Jayabhimadeva the throne of Nepal.

Another Alternative Account states that Jayadeva Malla died after 2 years and 8 months after becoming the King of Nepal. Even his two sons, Jaksyamalla and Jetakesava died before his Father.

Some of the Chronicles of Nepal have stated that Tirhutees ruled Nepal after him and skipped directly to Jayastithi Malla which is quite unreasonable.

Gopal Raja Bansawali

Gopal Raja Bansawali on King Jayadeva Malla


The Tale of Jayadeva Malla is both surprising and pathetic. For One, he ruled Nepal for a short period of Three Years and had to deal with earthquakes as well as invasions in Nepal. No matter the Event, he falls among one of the insignificant Kings of the Malla Dynasty in Nepal.


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