Introduction to Jayadharma Malla

Jayadharma Malla was born in 1367 A.D. as the son of King Jayastithi Malla and Queen Rajalladevi in Bhaktapur. He was the King of Nepal after the death of Jayastithi Malla in 1395 A.D. and ruled Nepal for 13 years till 1408 A.D. with his brothers.

The Reign of Jayadharma Malla was short and overshadowed by the Glorious reigns and reforms of his Father Jayastithi Malla and his nephew Yaksha Malla.

Reign of Jayadharma Malla

Chronology of Jayadharma Malla By D.R. Regmi

Jayadharma Malla was the Eldest Son of Jayastithi Malla and was likely to be the successor to the throne of Nepal. He also had two Brothers Jayajyotir Malla and Jayakirti Malla.

Unfortunately, neither did he alone succeed to the throne of Nepal nor was Nepal Divided. Jayadharma Malla was thirty years old when he became the King of Nepal in Early Medieval Nepal.

A Collective Regime was run by the three sons of Jayastithi Malla under the leadership of Jayadharma Malla. He was provided the most supreme status of Royalty and was even provided the Titles of Rajadhiraja and Maharajadhiraja in some instances.

Historians presume that Jayastithi Malla had made the arrangement of this Co-Ruling among his Sons.

The Collective Reign which began in 1395 A.D. lost one of its rulers, Jayakirti Malla in 1303 A.D. because of his Death. Generally, the documents of this period show the eldest Brother as the Single Name of the King which means that he could have also been the Sole Reigning Monarch.

Jayadharma Malla used the Title of Yuvaraja with his Brothers which guarantees that he was sharing his reign with his Brothers. Also, the High Sounding Adjectives usually dedicated to a King are only used in his name only further cementing his Reign.

His Younger Brother Jayajyotir Malla also mentions his elder brother as a great King which depicts his might and likeability as the King of Nepal. Therefore, He was the Strongest Holder of the Kingship of Nepal from 1395 A.D. to 1408 A.D.

Historian Luciano Petech has suggested that an influential Feudal Lord by the name of Jayasimharama exercised de facto Power during the Last Years of Jayastithi Malla and Jayadharma Malla. Jayasimharama‘s Family was influential in the reign of Jayarajadeva and Jayarjunadeva as well.

In Consideration of the Important Events during the reign of Jayadharma Malla, there are actually None. The Exchange of Chinese and Nepali Ministers also didn’t happen during this Period.

Some have argued that Jayasimharama was dominant during this Period. Anyways, Jayadharma’s reign as the Regent King of Nepal isn’t memorable like his Father’s.


Jayadharma Malla, despite being the Eldest Son of Jayastithi Malla had to share his throne with his brothers which is truly devastating.

Also, he didn’t conduct important development activities or reforms characteristic of Malla Kings. Hence, his isn’t taken as the High Point of Malla Kings in Nepal.


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