Introduction to Jayari Malla

Jayari Malla was the King of Nepal from 1320 A.D. to 1344 A.D. He was the Son of Ananta Malla, the puppet ruler who ruled Nepal for three decades.

Jayari Malla was just a de-jure King with Jayarudra Malla of the Tripura Royal Family being the defacto ruler and exercising the Real Power in Nepal.

He became the King of Nepal after Jayarudra Malla withdrew his support from the Previous King, Jayanandadeva.

Reign of Jayari Malla

Gopal Raja Bansawali on Jayari Malla

The Life, Personality, and Intricate Details of Jayari Malla aren’t recorded as there are only three documents that mention him as the King of Nepal. He was the Son of Ananta Malla, a relative of the Tripura Royal Family. Before the Rise of Jayastithi Malla, the Tripura Royal Family and House Bhonta controlled the throne of Nepal.

They generally selected Puppet Rulers to secure their power over the throne. Jayari Malla falls among one them. Jayari Malla was made the King of Nepal after King Jayanandadeva, another Puppet Ruler. The Power of Jayari Malla was just apparent and limited.

The Reign of Jayari Malla was characterized by Invasions, Instability, Conflict, and continuous problems. The Conflict between House Bhonta and Tripura Royal Family had reached its optimum level and decreased after his reign.

Even Jayari Malla was a supporter of the Tripura Royal Family and was installed on the throne by them.

End of Tirhut Kingdom

The Single-most Important event during the reign of Jayari Malla was the end of the Tirhut Kingdom whose last King was Harisimhadeva who died in 1326 A.D. in Dolakha. His Sons and Wife were taken hostage by locals but later released.

After they were released, Tripura Royal Family accepted them as refugees and assisted them. The Wife of Harisimhadeva was Devaladevi. Devaladevi was the daughter of Jayatunga Malla, The Leader of the Tripura Royal Family, and His Wife Padumalladevi, making him the Sister of Jayarudra Malla.

Being the Sister of the Most Influential Man of the Early Medieval Period allowed her to exercise significant Powers in Nepal. It is said that Devaladevi actually ordered Jayastithi Malla to arrive in Nepal and marry her Grand-Daughter, Rajalladevi.

Death of Jayarudra Malla

During the reign of Jayari Malla, the De-Facto Ruler Jayarudra Malla passed away at the young age of Thirty Years. It had huge implications for the History of Nepal. The Daughter of Jayarudra Malla, Nayakadevi assumed the leadership of House Tripura after the death of her father.

She was tutored by her grandmother Padumalladevi and his Aunt Devaladevi. For more than 30 years, the Females of the Tripura Royal Family dominated Nepali Politics.

Invasion by Khas Malla Kingdom

The Reign of Jayari Malla was also filled with the attacks of the Khas Malla Kingdom. Aditya Malla, the Son of Ripu Malla was dominant upon the Kathmandu Valley. He arrived in Nepal through the lands of Nuwakot while conquering Pharping on the way.

He also attacked Patan for twenty-two days but struggled to grasp it. Aditya Malla doubled the tribute necessary to be paid by the Kathmandu Valley establishing his authority further. The Fact that Tirhut Kingdom had fallen and Jayarudra Malla was dead was instrumental to boast his confidence in Nepal.

Later, the Son-in-Law of Aditya Malla, Punya Malla also attacked Kathmandu and forcefully extracted Tribute from the Citizens of Nepal. The Attack of Punya Malla upon the Kathmandu Valley was the final attempt of the Khas Malla Kingdom over Kathmandu.


The Interesting aspect of the reign of Jayari Malla isn’t his reign but the characters around him and their livelihood. Nayakadevi, the daughter of Jayarudra Malla who was married to Harischandra from Kasi.

He was absolutely hated by the Locals of Kathmandu Valley as he was an outsider who had large control over the Politics of Kathmandu. In 1335 A.D. he was poisoned by the locals and died.

Interestingly, the Widow Nayakadevi became the Lover of the Prince of Tirhut named Jagatasimha. This resulted in the conflict between Jagatasimha and the brother of Harischandra named Gopaladeva. The Followers of Jagatasimha actually seized and decapitated Gopaladeva ending his life in the Process.

In Consequence, Nayakadevi was pregnant with Rajalladevi, the daughter of Jagatasimha. Jagatasimha is said to be the Prince of the Tirhut Kingdom, the son of Harisimhadeva.

Later, Nayakadevi died 10 days after giving birth to Rajalladevi, and Jagatasimha was also imprisoned by another man. This is How the Politics of Kathmandu played out during the Reign of Jayari Malla.

Jayari Malla ultimately died in 1344 A.D. without leaving an heir. This resulted in the Kingless Period of Nepal from 1344 A.D. to 1347 A.D. Jayarajadeva of House Bhonta was crowned the King of Nepal after the death of Jayari Malla.


Jayari Malla is also another insignificant name in the lost Listicles of the Kings of Nepal. His Reign like his predecessors was characterized by Invasions, Battles, Love, betrayal, and Internal Conflicts. This State of Nepal continued long after the death of Jayari Malla till the Rise of Jayastithi Malla.


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