Bakhtawar Singh Basnet

Introduction to Bakhtawar Singh Basnet

Kazi Bakhtawar Singh Basnet was a Kaji, Politician and the Patriarch of Basnet Clan. He was the son of Kehar Singh Basnet.He was born to Keharsingh Basnet and Chitradevi Pandey Basnet, the daughter of Kalu Pandey.

His family was known as the Basnet Kazi clan or Basnet Bhardar family, a political family of the Gorkha Kingdom.

Life of Bakhtawar Singh Basnet

Bakhtawar Singh Basnet was born into a family with a long history of service to Nepal, both politically and militarily. Shivramsingh Basnet, his grandfather, was a leader in the Gorkha kingdom. His father, Kehar Singh Basnet was one of the Commanders of the Western Conquest Campaign.

His Brother Kirtiman Singh Basnet was also assassinated. Bakhtawar Singh Basnet’s father married Chitradevi, daughter of the powerful Kazi Kalu Pandey of the Gorkha court. It led to the popular proverb, ‘Pande’s shield, Basnet’s sword.’

After the death of Basnet’s father in the Battle of Sathun, his elder brothers Jaharsingh Basnet, Kirtimansingh Basnet, and Bakhtawar Singh Basnet were raised by the Gorkha court.

His brother took over leadership in Nuwakot. Following his brother Kirtimansingh Basnet’s assassination in 1801, Nepal Palace authorities named Bakhtawar Singh Basnet as the chief kazi to handle Nepal’s government, sympathising with the Basnet family.

The Basnet dynasty rose to prominence during the reign of Gorkha king Prithvi Narayan Shah. Their relationship with the Pandey clan remained for a long time.


Kazi Bakhtawar Singh Basnet was the Patriarch of the Basnet Family after Kirtiman Singh Basnet, during the reign of Rana Bahadur Shah and Girvan Yuddha Bikram Shah. He replaced his Brother Kirtiman Singh Basent as the Mulkazi of Nepal and carried on the Strong Basnet Kazi Family tradition.


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