Kings of Patan

Introduction to Indra Malla

Indra Malla was the King of Patan from 1706 A.D. to 1709 A.D. He was the son of Yoganarendra Malla‘s Elder Sister Manimati and Buddha Malla. He was also the Grandson of Srinivas Malla. He minted a coin in his reign under his wife’s name on the reverse side. He died after ruling for three years.

Reign of Indra Malla

Rise of Indra Malla

Indra Malla became the King of Patan after the death of Infant King Lokaprakasa Malla. Lokaprakasa Malla, under the Regent Mother, had ruled Nepal for 11 Months. He died in his infancy because of Smallpox.

As the Whole Family of Yoganarendra Malla had drained out of Kingship. The Daughter of Srinivas Malla named Manimati had to step up and promote her Young Son, Indra Malla as the King of Patan. He was crowned in 1706 A.D. He was the Son of Budhha Malla.

He also had a wife named Bhagyavati who was a relative of the King of Kathmandu. The Proof of his heritage as the Grandson of Srinivas Malla has been recorded in the Inscription of Visnu Malla of Sankhamul.

Indra Malla also minted a coin during his short reign of Three Years. The Coin contained the name of His Wife, Bhagyavati. Therefore, Bhagyavati belonged to an Important Family with an influential connection. Historians have predicted that she was the daughter of the King of Kantipur although it hasn’t been proven.

During his, Yogamati, the mother of Yogaprakasa Malla (The Infant King) tried to introduce her Husband, Viranarasimha to the throne. However, Indra intervened in the process.

Unfortunately, Indra Malla was only King of Patan for three years when he eventually died in 1709 A.D. creating another Power Vacuum in Patan. After his death, one of the Bastard sons of Yoganarendra Malla named Mahindra Malla had to be introduced to the throne of Patan.


Indra Malla’s reign should be considered to be as short as tragic. The Kingdom of Patan witnessed more instability and weakness as time continued because of the untimely and continuous death of the Monarchs that climbed the throne of Patan till 1768 A.D. after which Prithvi Narayan Shah conquered it.


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