Kings of Patan

Introduction to Lokaprakasa Malla

Lokaprakasa Malla was the Grandson of Yoganarendra Malla and the Great Grandson of Srinivas Malla. He ruled the Kingdom of Patan from 1705 A.D. to 1706 A.D. for a year before his death in childhood because of Small-Pox.

Reign of Lokaprakasa Malla


Lokaparakasa Malla was born after 1700 A.D. and was the grandson of Yoganarendra Malla. He was the son of Yoganarendra’s Daughter named Yogamati who was the child of Yoganarendra Malla.

Dilli Raman Regmi on Lokaprakasa Malla

The Death of Yoganarendra Malla caused a huge panic in the Kingdom of Patan because he hadn’t left a male heir. Among his children, both legitimate and illegitimate, he had no Male heir who could actually succeed to the throne. Therefore, the Only Legitimate daughter of Yoganarendra Malla was called to rescue the situation of the Malla Dynasty in Patan.

Yogamati had recently given birth to a child named Lokaprakasa Malla and as he was the only Legitimate part of Yoganarendra Malla’s legacy. Therefore, he was crowned King of Patan.


The Reign of Lokaparasa Malla was in disguise the reign of Yogamati herself. She became a towering figure in the Politics of Kathmandu Valley and virtually became a dictator for some time. She used to be overthrown by someone else but she used to rise back again and play her dangerous part.

It is known that she had the power to change the Actual kings of Patan and Kathmandu. She could actually remove or cause trouble for her Ministers. She even fought several battles with the Neighboring Kingdoms.


Unfortunately for the Infant Lokaprakasa, he only ruled for 11 Months despite being crowned on the death of his Grandfather. He died of Smallpox. For his legacy, Lokaprakasa Malla has a coin in his name with Yogamati also mentioned on the side of the coin. Lokaprakasa was succeeded to the throne of the Kingdom of Patan by Indra Malla who wasn’t an infant.


The Longevity and Future of the Kingdom of Patan were severely thwarted by the death of Yoganarendra Malla. Despite his daughter, Lokamati coming to the rescue of Patan her son died so prematurely. The Kingdom of Patan could never be recovered and was continuously ruled by Kings that changed every 5 or 6 years.


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