Kings of Patan

Introduction to Purandarasimha

Purandarasimha was the son of Visnusimha, the Feudal Overlord who managed to make Patan Independent. After the death of his father, he managed to rule with his Brothers and also alone from 1556 A.D. to 1596 A.D. for a total of 40 years.

During his reign, minor acts of development and administration were carried out. He also allowed Wise men and Scholars to stay in Patan.

Reign of Purandarasimha

Visnusimha, the father of Purandarasimha reigned till 1556 A.D. They were the First Kings who weren’t actually Malla to rule Patan after Yaksha Malla.

After the death of Visnusimha, all of his sons, Narsimha, Purandarsimha, and Uddhavsimha, succeeded him and ruled together until at least 1572 A.D. The Three Sons of Visnusimha had to actually share the Kingdom of Patan.

Inscription of Purandarasimha

In some of the documents, only his eldest son is mentioned whereas some documents only mention his second eldest son. It means that there was no specific authority in Patan. However, the Brothers of Purandarasimha had died by 1582 A.D. After 1582 A.D. He started his sole reign in Patan for 16 whole years.

Purandarasimha has been described with glaring names and epithets that make it seem that he was a glorious King. It is said that he was courageous and killed all his enemies with Bravery. Also, he claimed to be an alternative to King Yudhistir. It is also said that he had all the necessary qualities of a King and ruled Patan with flair and Glory.

Another one of the Inscriptions of Purandarsimha denotes that he welcomed Scholars into his Kingdom. Therefore, it seems that Learning, Arts, Literature, and Bravery were the skills that were valued in those times and the King with those Skills was praised to a large extent.

Another one of his brothers, Uddhavsimha claimed to be wise with learning in Science, Tantrism, Dharmashastras, Puranas, Music, Literature, Poetry, and Diplomacy. He is also said to have implemented Good Policies.

In official documents, Visnusimha was referred to as Mahapatra, although his sons used the title “Feudal Overlord of Patan” (manigaladhipati) alongside Mahapatra for their father. The sons, on the other hand, took the royal title of maharajadhiraja for themselves. Nonetheless, their reign was brief.

Family of Purandarasimha

Chronology of Purandarasimha

Purandarsimha, along with his Brothers put high emphasis on their Family Tree. Purandarsimha was the Son of Padmawati, the eldest Wife of Visnusimha. The Name of the Son of Purandarasimha was the Crown Prince Purusottamsimha. He couldn’t rule Patan because of the Conquest of Sivasimha Malla.

Fall of Purandarasimha

The Exact reason for the Fall of Purandarasimha and the Feudal Overlords of Patan hasn’t been mentioned. It is said that King Sivasimha Malla, the Second Son of Mahendra Malla was able to conquer and defeat Patan although not specifying How.

The last available document of Purandarsimha was dated in A.D. 1596, and by A.D. 1599, Sivasimha Malla of Kathmandu had taken over Patan. As a result, it is safe to believe that the conquest occurred between those years, and Purandarsimha was vanquished by Sivasimha Malla.

After the Loss of the Feudal Overlords, Patan was governed by the Son of Sivasimha Malla named Hariharsimha Malla. Hariharsimha Malla was the Father of King Siddhi Narsingh Malla, the Greatest King of Patan.


Purandarasimha was a king who ruled over Patan for 40 years from 1556 A.D. to 1596 A.D. After the death of his father, Visnusimha, Purandarasimha shared the kingdom with his brothers Narsimha and Uddhavsimha. However, after their deaths, Purandarasimha ruled alone for 16 years. The fall of Purandarasimha is believed to have been due to the conquest of Sivasimha Malla.


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