Kings of Patan

Introduction to Rddhinarasimha Malla

Rddhinarasimha Malla or Hrdinarasimha Malla was the King of Patan from 1715 A.D. to 1717 A.D. He was the son of Rudra Malla and grandson of Rudramati, the daughter of Srinivas Malla.

He was the last true heir of the Family of Srinivas Malla and Siddhi Narsingh Malla that could have ruled Patan. Tragically, He died in 1717 A.D. and Mahendrasimha of Kathmandu was brought to rule Patan.

Reign of Rddhinarasimha Malla

Inscription of Rddhinarasimha Malla

Rddhinarasimha Malla was the son of Rudra Malla. Rudra Malla was the son of Rudramati who was the daughter of Srinivas Malla. Rudramati Malla was also the sister of King Yoganarendra Malla, whose death had caused so much panic on the throne of Patan.

After the death of Yoganarendra Malla, Lokaprakasa Malla, Indra Malla, and Mahindra Malla were simultaneously crowned the King of Patan and all of them died without ruling Patan for much.

Therefore, Rddhinarasimha Malla was introduced to the Throne of Patan. He was still an infant when he became the King of Nepal in 1715 A.D.

Unlike the reign of Mahindra Malla, there was no controversy in the crowning of Rddhinarasimha Malla solely because of the lack of Kings and Children to be crowned Kings.

Ultimately, Rddhinarasimha Malla also died after being on the throne of Patan for two years in 1717 A.D. After his death, a huge conflict occurred between the Factions of Patan.

One of the Factions led by Yogamati, the daughter of Yoganarendra Malla wanted the King of Kathmandu, Mahendrasimha on the throne.

Another Faction led by the Feudal Lords or Mahapatras of Patan wanted the son of Bhupatindra Malla, Ranajita Malla on the throne of Patan. However, the witty plan of Yogamati succeeded. Mahendrasimha was crowned the King of Patan and Kathmandu.

During the reign of Mahendrasimha, Bhupatindra Malla of Bhadgaon attacked Patan and tried to annex it. Unfortunately, he had to face a costly defeat because his Son Ranajita Malla was captured by the enemies.

He had to pay Rs 14,000 for that time as well as Two Elephants to free his son. This event happened in 1719 A.D.

Mahendrasimha ruled Patan and Kathmandu until 1722 A.D. when he eventually died as well. He was succeeded by Yogaprakasa Malla, the Unknown King of Patan.


The Vaccum in the throne of Patan after the death of Yoganarendra Malla plagued it for more than seven decades due to the lack of a rightful heir. Various Kings were crowned in their childhood and died in their childhood.

They had to repeatedly search for Kings outside Patan such as Mahendrasimha and Jayaprakash Malla until their collapse in 1768 A.D.


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