Kings of Patan

Introduction to Yogaprakasa Malla

Yogaprakasa Malla was the King of Patan from 1722 A.D. to 1729 A.D. as the Puppet Ruler to Yogamati, the daughter of Yoganarendra Malla.

He was crowned the King of Patan because of the help of Ranajita Malla who put Tika and best of luck to him in his crowning ceremony. He had a chief Minister named Ganga Shankar who assisted him in his reign.

Reign of Yogaprakasa Malla

The Reign and the whole identity of Yogaprakasa Malla are mysterious and unknown. He was crowned the King of Nepal after the death of Mahendrasimha or Bhaskara Malla of Kathmandu.

The Kings of Patan had died so frequently that the King of Kathmandu was brought to rule Patan. However, the ancestry of the new King isn’t known.

Unfortunately, the King of Kathmandu, Mahendrasimha or Bhasakara Malla also died resulting in confusion about who should be the heir to the throne of Kathmandu. However, Yogaprakasa Malla immediately became the King of Patan after the death of Mahendra Simha.

The Year of 1722 A.D. itself was a legendary and special year for the Kathmandu Valley. All three Kingdoms of Kathmandu Valley saw new rulers during that time. Ranajita Malla was crowned King of Bhaktapur. Lokaprakasa Malla was crowned the King of Patan and Jagajjaya Malla was crowned the King of Kathmandu.

Yogaprakasa Malla in his reign of Seven years managed to mint some coins in his name. The Printing of Coins by Kings had become a normative practice by that time.

Anyways, Scholars have long argued that he was a weak King and acted more like a Puppet Ruler and obeyed the instruction of Ranajita Malla and Yogamati. According to one of the chronicles, It was Ranajita Malla who crowned him the King of Nepal.

During the reign of Lokaprakasa Malla, there were conflicts and battles between Jagajjaya Malla of Kathmandu as well as King Ranajita Malla of Bhaktapur. The Kingdom of Gorkha under Narbhupal Shah and Prithvi Narayan Shah had also become a part of The Valley Politics.

Colophon on Yogaprakasa Malla

At the end of the Conflict, Bhaktapur was always trapped and fooled by the Kings by providing false hopes to Ranajita Malla. Ranajita Malla had to purchase peace of his fellow Kingdoms by providing Rs 24000 of the then Money as well as Two Elephants to Gorkha, Kathmandu, and Patan who divided it between themselves.

Lokaprakasa Malla died in 1729 A.D. and paved the way for Visnu Malla, the nephew of Indra Malla to become the King of Patan for a stable 15 years.


The Death of Yoganarendra Malla without an heir was the real cause for the downfall of Patan as a number of Kings that ruled Patan died continuously without Stability or effective Success. The Kings that ruled Patan were basically Puppets of the few people that controlled the Politics of Patan.


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