Introduction to Khigu

King Khiju was the Last King of the Kirat Dynasty according to Gopal Raja Bansawali. He ruled over Nepal as the 32nd Kirat King for Eighty-Five Years. He was the successor of King Khuramja.

Khigu has been omitted from the Rest of the Genealogies of Nepal. The Bhasa Bansawali has mentioned Galija or Girijam to have been the last King of Nepal.

The Geneology of William Kirkpatrick has ended his list of Kirat Kings with Gully Jung and refrains from listing Khigu as one of the Kirat Kings. Therefore, he has only been mentioned in the Gopal Raja Bansawali.

Interestingly, the Geneaology of Daniel Wright has stated that Gasti was the Last King of Nepal.

He has claimed that Gasti was hard-pressed by the Soma Dynasty and was forced to flee from the New Palace.


Note: The Prehistory of Nepal up to the Kirat Dynasty lacks sufficient evidence to ensure its reliability. The article has been written through the consolidation of Chronologies with minimum interpretation to preserve its Historiographical Accuracy. In the case of Further Evidence coming into Light, it needs to be posited that the Chronologies themselves have solely inspired the materials of the Article.