Introduction to Lukam

Gopal Raja Bansawali has disclosed that Lukam was the Kirat King of Nepal for 40 years. He succeeded King Julam as the 19th Kirat King and was eventually succeeded by Thoram.

The Four Primary Genealogies of Nepal has mentioned Lukam as one of the Kings of the Dynasty. However, his mentions vary significantly on the chronology of his Kingship.

Bhasa Bansawali

Bhasa Bansawali has stated that Luke (Lukam) was the son of King Jane (Julam). According to this text, Luke ruled over Nepal for 60 years and 1 Month which differs from the Regnal Years posited in the Gopal Raja Bansawali.

Genealogy of Kirkpatrick

William Kirkpatrick in this Geneology hasn’t mentioned Lukam in this Text in a direct manner. However, among the names of the Kings, a king called Suenkeh has been listed.

Suenkeh, according to this Geneology was the Son of Jenneo (Julam) and therefore, potentially Lukam.

Resembling with Bhasa Bansawali, Suenkeh is claimed to have ruled over Nepal for 60 years and 1 Month.

Genealogy of Daniel Wright

The Geneology proposed by Daniel Wright has incorporated Luk as the 17th King of the Kirat Dynasty and the son of Nane (potentially Julam).


Note: The Prehistory of Nepal up to the Kirat Dynasty lacks sufficient evidence to ensure its reliability. The article has been written through the consolidation of Chronologies with minimum interpretation to preserve its Historiographical Accuracy. In the case of Further Evidence coming into Light, it needs to be posited that the Chronologies themselves have solely inspired the materials of the Article.