Introduction to Pelam

According to Gopal Raja Bansawali, King Pelam was the Second King of the Kirat Dynasty. He was the successor of King Elam (Yalambar). His regnal years are declared to have been 81 by the text. He was succeeded by King Melam.

Other Genealogies, have in some form or the other, mentioned Pelam. Pelam has been referred to as Pavi in Bhasa Bansawali. Daniel Wrights’s Genealogy has also referred to him with the same name.

However, William Kirkpatrick has referred to the Second King of Nepal as Duskham who is the Fifth King of the Kirat Dynasty according to Gopal Raja Bansawali.

Bhasa Bansawali

Bhasa Bansawali has referred to Pabi, potentially Pelam as the Son of King Yalambar. The Text has highlighted his Regnal Years to have been 79 years and 3 Months.

The Bansawali has further claimed that the War of Mahabharata happened during his reign after which he along with his horde of armies fought against the Kauravas.

Wright Genealogy

The Genealogy Edited and Translated by Daniel Wright states that Yalambar was the son of Pabi. During his reign, Kali Yuga spread and mankind was bent on sin.

It was during his reign that the Dwapara Yuga ended and Kali Yuga commenced according to the Wright Genealogy.


Note: The Prehistory of Nepal up to the Kirat Dynasty lacks sufficient evidence to guarantee its historical accuracy. The article has been written through the consolidation of Chronologies with minimum interpretation to preserve its Historiographical Accuracy. In the case of Further Evidence coming into Light, it needs to be posited that the Chronologies themselves have solely inspired the materials of the Article.