Introduction to Tyapami

Tyapami was the King of Nepal for 54 Years as recorded in the Gopal Raja Bansawali. He belonged to the Kirat Dynasty and ruled as its 25th King.

He was succeeded by King Mugaman. According to the Bansawali, he was the successor to King Puska (Tuska).

Tyapami hasn’t been mentioned in any of the other Genealogies of Nepal.

Bhasa Bansawali has mentioned that the Son and Successor of Tuska was Sumakai. Similarly, William Kirkpatrick has disclosed that Soohmeea (Sumakai) was the King of Nepal.

While disclosing the reigning years of Sumakai, 56 years have been proposed which is in disagreement with the Gopal Raja Bansawali.

Also, the Reigning Years of Sumakai and Tyapami aren’t in harmony for Sukamai is attributed to have ruled for over 59 Years.

The Geneology of Daniel Wright has mentioned a King named Kesu as the 23rd King of Nepal and the son of Pushka.


Note: The Prehistory of Nepal up to the Kirat Dynasty lacks sufficient evidence to ensure its reliability. The article has been written through the consolidation of Chronologies with minimum interpretation to preserve its Historiographical Accuracy. In the case of Further Evidence coming into Light, it needs to be posited that the Chronologies themselves have solely inspired the materials of the Article.