Introduction to Yaksha Gupta

Yaksha Gupta has been mentioned as the Last King of the Gopal Dynasty by the Two primary Genealogies of Nepal.

He is said to have been either defeated by the Mahispals or ended up with no child resulting in the end of Gopal Kings.

Moreover, he succeded Visnu Gupta as the Eight Gopal King of Nepal. In contrast, Gopal Raja Bansawali states that Jina Gupta was the Last King of the Gopal Dynasty.

gopal-dynasty-plate-gopal raja bansawali
Original Text of Gopal Raja Bansawali containing the Kings of Gopal Dynasty

Bhasa Bansawali

Bhasa Bansawali has mentioned that Yaksha Gupta, the son of King Visnu Gupta ruled over Nepal for 71 years.

However, differing from the standardized norms and divine path of Sage Ne (Ne Muni), he became an ardent follower of Buddhism.

As a result, he became childless and the Royal Throne was nearly lost. However, Mahispals from the Middle Lands of Nepal arrived. The King ended his life in Arya Ghat of Pashupatinath.

Genealogy of Daniel Wright

The Geneology translated by Daniel Right has similarly mentioned that Yaksha Gupta ruled over Nepal for 71 years.

However, an Abhir Mahispal named Bara Sinha arrived in Nepal from the plains of India and ruled over Nepal.


Note: The Prehistory of Nepal up to the Kirat Dynasty lacks sufficient evidence to guarantee its historical accuracy. The article has been written through the consolidation of Chronologies with minimum interpretation to preserve its Historiographical Accuracy. In the case of Further Evidence coming into Light, it needs to be posited that the materials of the Article have been solely inspired by the Chronologies themselves.