Beneficiary of 42 Saal Parva

Introduction to 42 Saal Parva

42 Saal Parva is a History shaking event that ended the rights of Jung Bahadur Rana‘s descendants upon the post of Prime Minister. It also established The Sons of Dhir Shumsher as Shree Teen Maharajas.

In this event, The Acting Prime Minister Ranoddip Singh Kunwar and The Jung Family were assassinated by the Shumsher Family under the leadership of Bir Shumsher.

Inner Conflict of Rana’s

 The conflict between the Shumsher family and the Jung family came to the surface after the death of Jung Bahadur Rana. There were three major groups in conflict that participated in the 42 Saal Parva.

  • First, the Jung family: Jagat Jung, the son of Jung Bahadur Rana
  • Second, the Shumsher family: Dhir Shumsher, the brother of Jung Bahadur Rana
  • Third, The Royal Family: Trailokya Bikram Shah, the son of King Surendra

As a result of Jung Bahadur’s Role of Succession, the Rana family’s discontent grew. Jagat Jung and Dhir Shumsher struggled for power, and eventually, Dhir Shumsher got the upper hand.

The Jung Family and the Royal Family had joined together against the Shumsher Family. But after the death of Crown Prince Trailokya, the third conflict group was vanquished. The Jung family was also held powerless after the 38 Saal Parva, which involved the plot to kill Prime Minister Ranoddip Singh.

38 Saal Parva ended the conflict between the Jung family and the Shumsher family once and for all. But in 1942 B.S., the Shumsher Family decided to kill Ranoddip Singh and capture the post of Prime Minister for themselves.

Why Was Ranoddip Singh Murdered?

  • The role of succession set by Jung Bahadur Rana was unscientific and biased. After J.B.R.’s sons, Dhir Shumsher’s sons should have been kept, but that wasn’t the case. The grandsons of J.B.R. were kept before Dhir Shumsher’s sons. So they wanted to end the dispute over the role of succession.
  • Janga Bahadur had built a massive palace in Thapathali. Jagatjung also constructed a palace near the Manohara River. In short, The Jung Family lived a well-furnished life, which the Shumshers wanted for themselves.

Conspiring Family

  • The two wives of Ranoddip Singh had improper relations with Jagat Jung and Bir Shumsher, respectively.
  • The Shumsher family was supported by the daughters of Junga Bahadur, also known as the Wives of Trailokya. So, it was easy and acceptable for the Shumsher family to arbitrarily gain power.
  • The excessive trust of Ranoddip Singh in his family members

These are the primary reasons why 42 Saal Parva took place.

The Murder of Ranoddip Singh

Ranoddip Singh before 42 Saal Parva
Ranoddip Singh Kunwar

In the year 1942, B.S. Ranoddip Singh decided to go to Rawalpindi for another pilgrimage. On Mangsir 7 of the same year, Ranoddip Singh delegated the responsibility of Commander-in-Chief and security of Nepal to Bir Shumsher. Bir Shumsher had other plans in mind.

Bir Shumsher wanted to kill Ranoddip Singh before the pilgrimage. He discussed the plan with his brothers. He was promised help by his maternal uncle. Bir Shumsher was admired by the Queen Regent, the British diplomat, and all other political figures. Hence, this assassination wouldn’t be such a tough act.

During the discussion among the brothers, Khadga Shumsher, the illegitimate son of Dhir Shumsher, took responsibility for killing Ranoddip Singh. The brothers also went to Narayan Temple to get blessings.

This trip took place on Mangsir 9, 1942 B.S.The complete preparation had been completed, and the Shumsher Brothers were ready to take the final step. They told the guards and assistants that Rs 1 lakh would be provided to the people who supported the assassination.

The time for the assassination had arrived. Everything was well prepared. The assistants and bodyguards of Ranoddip Singh agreed to assist the Shumsher Brothers.

Khadga Shumsher informed Ranoddip Singh’s assistant that an urgent meeting was necessary. The assistant asked the reason for the meeting.

Khadga Shumsher expressed that an important document had arrived that had to be settled urgently as well. So, they were allowed entry to the Chamber of Ranoddip Singh. Khadga Shumsher and others entered the chamber of Ranoddip Singh and exclaimed:

“We are here to punish an undeserving man who conducts administration from a woman’s frock by being her slave.”

Dhir Shumsher shot Ranoddip Singh dead. The prime minister was dead. His dead body was dragged down the stairs, and finally, Bir Shumsher was notified of the death of Ranoddip Singh. This Murder of Ranoddip Singh was just the beginning of 42 Saal Parva.

Bir Shumsher marched into the palace and became the new prime minister of Nepal. The Shumsher Brothers blamed the murder on Ranabirjung of the Jung Family.

Murder of Jagat Jung

Bir Shumsher knew that Jagat Jung would revolt if he heard about the death of Ranoddip Singh. So, Bir Shumsher told his brothers to arrest Jagat Jung and his family. But the brothers weren’t willing to do that.

They secretly planned to kill Jagat Jung, the son of the man who established the Rana regime. Lalitman Basnet, an ally of the Shumsher family, was sent to Thapathali Palace to fetch Jagat Jung and kill him.

Lalitman Basnet entered, and when Jagat Jung was coming down the stairs, he shot Jagat Jung.

Murder of Nati General

When the other day came, the assassinations of Ranoddip Singh and Jagat Jung spread like wildfire, and the Jung family knew that their deaths would be coming soon. So, the whole family of Jung Bahadur and Bambahadur, the daughters of Ranoddip Singh, the child of Jagat Jung, etc., immediately went to the British Embassy for protection.

All of them had arrived with property and money except the son of Jagat Jung, Yuddha Pratap Jung (Nati General). So, Yuddha Pratap Jung decided to bring some money and jewelry back and went to his house.

When he was returning, the soldiers of Bir Shumsher under Lalitman Singh recognized him and killed him immediately. Lalitmansingh kept the money for himself.

Later, Bir Shumsher requested that the British Embassy return the members, which the Embassy denied.

Consequences of 42 Saal Parva

Despite the end of any competitors for the post of Prime Minister, Bir Shumsher wasn’t satisfied by the unwarranted murders of Jagat Jung and Yuddha Pratap Jung.

An account from the British Embassy estimates the death of 23 people, whereas the Nepal Government states only three were killed.

The servants of Ranoddip Singh were expelled for their disloyalty. The young queen of Ranoddip Singh was also sent to Kashi. The bodyguard of Ranoddip Singh was awarded Rs. 50,000 for his cooperation and ordered to leave Nepal.

42 Saal Parva secured the rolkram, or role of succession, of the Rana family to the Shumsher brothers. Also, the Shumsher Brothers obtained an unbearable amount of property and became the most powerful family in Nepal.


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