Bintipatra Niksari Adda

Introduction to Bintipatra Niksari Adda

Bintipatra Niksari Adda was the Chief Judicial Body of the Judicial Administration of Nepal during the Rana Regime. It was established in 1907 A.D. by Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher.

It was the Highest Court of Review and acted on behalf of the Prime Minister. Individuals could file Petitions or Written Complaints to the Office requesting Justice and the Office could provide a decision upon the case or complaint and finalize the case with the authentication of the Prime Minister and the Mukhtiyar.

Functions of Bintipatra Niksari Adda

Administration of Justice

The primary function of Bintipatra Nixari Adda is to ensure the administration of justice in Nepal. It was established in 1907 AD by Chandra Shumsher to address the issue of Bintipatras not being acted upon promptly.

Bintipatras are complaints or petitions submitted by people seeking justice. The adda ensures that the relevant authorities review and act upon all petitions. The Mukhtiyar monitors whether the concerned station takes necessary action on the Bintipatras.]y.

Before the establishment of this office, many petitions and complaints were received directly by the prime minister. However, the number of complaints was unbearable to Chandra Shumsher. It was difficult to provide speedy and swift Justice. Therefore, he desired the establishment of Bintipatra Niksari Adda.

Opinion of Witnesses and Evidence

The Bintipatra Nixari Adda also serves as a platform for witnesses to present their opinions and evidence regarding a particular case. The Mukhtiyar, along with the witness and evidence, presents his opinion on the Bintipatra to the relevant station. Hence, the Administrative Duty of Dittha and Bichari was carried out by this administrative Office.

Appeal Niksari

Establishing the Appeal Niksari Adda an addition to the Bintipatra Niksari Adda during the time of Bhim Shamsher. It was established to address the issue of appeals against the court’s decision.

Therefore, it was a Nepalese synthesis of The Court System where Bintipatra Niksari Adda acted as the Highest Court of Appeal, Appeal Adda acted as the Court of Appeal and Local Gaunda Courts were the Court of First Instance.

Chitthi Niksari

The Chitthi Niksari Adda was also an extension of the Bintipatra Nixari Adda. It is responsible for settling letters of an ordinary nature with swift response. The Chitthi Niksari Adda and Apil Niksari work independently, but the final decision is made through the Bintipatra Niksari by the Prime Minister.

Although both of these Offices were effectively independent, they weren’t autonomous. The Right to Give the Final Hearing is always laid down in the central Office of Bintipatra Niksari Adda.


The Bintipatra Niksari Adda was established in 1907 B.S. as an Administrative Quasi-Judicial Tribunal with the Authority to overturn the Decision of the Court.

The establishment of the Appeal Niksari and Chitthi Niksari adda further strengthened the judicial system in Nepal.


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