Hajiri Goshwara

Introduction of Hajiri Goshwara

Hajiri Goshwara was an administrative Office of Civil Administration of Nepal that was concerned with Civil and Military Servants of Nepal. It was established by Bir Shumsher.

Before the establishment of this office, the records of employees, their working hours, salary, etc. weren’t categorized in a systematic manner. In fact, the records were hard to obtain in case it was required. Therefore, this office, which is secondary in nature, was felt to have been needed by Bir Shumsher.

Hajiri Goshwara saw further evolution during the reign of Bhim Shumsher and Chandra Shumsher. Chandra Shumsher further extended it to Civil Service and Military Service. The Civil Service was kept under the Power of Commander In Chief whereas the Military Service was controlled by The Commanding General.

Functions of Hajiri Goshwara

Recording Employee Information

The Hajiri Goshwara, as the name suggests, was engaged in maintaining the records of all employees working under the Ranas.

The Goshwara was involved in recording the name of each employee, their sector, and any relevant information about them. It had to report the information to the Commander in Chief, who oversaw the Civil Hajiri Goshwara.

The Employee and their Information could be easily tracked in such manner. They could gain intelligence on the Family and Presence of Revolutionaries whose parents were a part of Civil Service such as Ganesh Man Singh, Tanka Prasad Acharya etc.

Recording Working Hours and Days

In addition to recording employee information, Hajiri Goshwara also recorded the working hours and days of each employee. Before Saturday was declared to be a Public Holiday, there was a minimum of no working leave for the typical Civil Servants.

The Commander In Chief would be informed of the absence or other shortcomings of the employees. Employees were working their designated hours and not taking unauthorized time off because of the surveillance of this Goshwara.

Managing Employee Leave

The Structuring of Employee Leave could be effectively carried out through the Hajiri Goshwara and regulate the different types of leave taken by employees, such as sick leave, annual leave, or maternity leave.

The Goshwara informed the Commanding General or Commander in Chief.If any employee took unnatural leave without notice, they would be made liable and even removed from the Job.

Issuing Gate Passes

The task of providing gate permits to staff members who wanted to leave the palace for business or personal reasons was assigned to Hajiri Goshwara. The Goshwara had to make sure that only authorized workers received passes for Important Goshwara and Classified Documents.

Festival Preparation and Management

In Exceptional Circumstances, the Goshwara had to be engaged in the Preparation of Festivals and Celebrations inside the Royal Palace such as assigning livestock required, their Stations, gathering additional goods, etc.

It made a compulsion to attend the Bijaya Dashami in the Palace for the Employees of the Ranas.

Salary Management

Hajiri Goshwara had to be engaged in managing employee salaries. They had to track the salaries paid to each employee and any deductions made for absences or other reasons. The Goshwara had to develop a mechanism to give complete and Regular payment.


Hajiri Goshwara was a Regulatory Body established by Bir Shumsher for the Collection of Employee Details, allocation of Employees, regulation, and keeping Finances of the Employees. It could record the Working Hours and Days of Employees and Manage Employee Leave as well.


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