Jangi Lath Rana Generals

Introduction to Jangi Lath

Jangi Lath was the Chief Military Officer during the Rana Regime. Jangi stands for Army, and Lath stands for Chief. Therefore, this post was the Chief Executive Officer of the Nepal Military.

Like the Commander-In-Chief, who was concerned with Both Military and Administrative activities of Nepal, this position was dedicated to the well-being of the military and civilians of Nepal.

Generally, there were Four of these in the Government and included in the Role of Succession of the Rana Family.

Western Commanding General, East Commanding General, South Commanding General and North Commanding General were selected by the Government based on the seniority of the families of the Rana Regime.

For Example, When Ranoddip Singh was Prime Minister, Dhir Shumsher was the West Commanding General and Jagat Jung was the East Commanding General.

In fact, the position of Jangi Lath as West’s Commanding General was even more powerful than the Commander-in-Chief.

Duties of Jangi Lath

Head of The Defense Department

The Backbone of the Rana Regime was their military command over Nepal and the military Officers. Also, Nepal was continuously at war and in other disputes with neighbouring countries.

Nepal had to go through three consecutive Wars against Tibet. They had to deal with rebellion and other uprisings throughout Nepal. Therefore, the Defense Department was an integral part of the Rana Administration. Jangi Lath (West Commanding General and East Commanding General) was in charge of the Defense of the whole Nation.

They had to work to mobilize the forces with the Prime Minister’s and Commander-In-Chief’s assistance.

Appointment, Transfer, and Promotion of Military Officers

Jangi Lath was the head of the Defense Department during the Rana Regime. He could appoint, transfer, and promote military officers at all levels and set the Hierarchy of Military.

Jangi Lath’s authority extended over the general, colonel, major, captain, subedar, Haldar, soldiers, and other personnel.

Awards and Honors to Soldiers

Jangi Lath could grant awards and honours. Although the Prime Minister’s and Commander-in-Chief’s approval was required, they could suggest and select the Individuals. He approved leaves for the soldiers.

Management of Military Affairs

Jangi Lath was also responsible for managing military affairs such as weapons, cleaning, artillery, barracks, warehouses, magazines, and other facilities to be organized. Jangi Lath managed the soldiers who were trained to use the weapons and equipment.

Head of Important Civil Departments

Jangi Lath was also the head of other important civil departments like the Exchequer, Forest, and Post. Therefore, it was one of the most powerful and Greatest Positions of the Rana Period. It was the 3rd and 4th in the Hierarchy of Rana Regime.


Jangi Lath, known as East Commanding General and West Commanding General, is amongst the most Powerful Positions in the Rana Regime of Nepal.

The Primary Duties of Jangi Lath are the appointment, transfer, and promotion of military officers, management of military affairs, and recognition of the bravery of soldiers.


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