Khadga Nissan Adda

Introduction of Khadga Nissan Adda

Khadga Nissan was a seal that transferred the ultimate command authority upon the Rana Prime Ministers of Nepal. The Adda or Office made to solve practical problems of the Prime Minister officially is known as Khadga Nissan Adda.

This was the Office of the Prime Minister. This Office provided orders and commands to government officials and the public in the name of the Prime Minister.

All Jung Bahadur, Bir Shumsher, and Ranoddip Singh had felt the need for an Office that officially acted on behalf of the Prime Minister. It was finally materialized by Chandra Shumsher and brought to use in 1917 A.D. and lasted till 1950 A.D.

Jurisdiction of Khadga Nissan Adda

1. Amendment and Repealing of Act

2. Transfer, Appointment, and Promotion

3. Increasing or Decreasing Administrative Authority

4. Customs Regulation, Employment Regulation, etc.

Functions of Khadga Nissan Adda

Document Authentication

The main purpose of Khadga Nissan Adda was to use the Khadga Nissan seal to authenticate Official and Verified Documents.

The Khadga Nissan seal was used to stamp documents related to amendments or repeals of acts, promotions, appointments, transfers, and other official matters.

Office of the Prime Minister

This Administrative Allocation acted as the Office of the Prime Minister from 1917 A.D. when Chandra Shumsher was actively ruling as the Prime Minister. This meant that Khadga Nissan Adda was officially Nepal’s most powerful administrative Office.

This Office wasn’t just limited to administrative tasks such as Authority Management and Revenue Assessment but had supreme Authority over the nation including Judicial Administration and Military Administration.

More important was the fact that the Prime Minister and his entourage handled important cases of the Judiciary after Chandra Shumsher. Therefore, the authority of the office was all-encompassing in the context of Nepal.

Authority Management

Khadga Nissan Adda was also responsible for managing the authority of officials. It could be brought under use to increase or decrease the authority of an official, authorize or revoke an employee, and increase the jurisdiction of an official.

The Rana themselves were worried that Red Seal or Lalmohar could decrease their authority and started to command their order directly through the Khadga Nissan Adda. Therefore, it became the Office of the Prime Minister.

Revenue Assessment

Khadga Nissan Adda was also responsible for managing revenue. It was instrumentalized to reduce the customs duty of goods during import and export and to repeal new contract arrangements.

Border exports and imports were high because of the lack of infrastructure development in Nepal. However, the goods that entered the Kathmandu Valley needed to be regulated. Therefore, Revenue Management was an important function carried out by the Khadga Nissan Adda under the Prime Minister. Even the Commander In Chief and Commanding General were involved in the Revenue Assessment.

Organizational Structure

Khadga Nissan Adda created an organized Structure within the Government of Nepal and divided into different Branches based on the Nature of the Work. It was usually systemized with the assistance of the Hajuriya General.


Khadga Nissan Adda was the Ultimate Authority over Nepal during the Rana Regime with Powerful influence over Judicial and Military Administration over Nepal. It also functioned as the Office of the Prime Minister.

It used the Khadga Nissan Seal to authenticate and Verify Official Documents. It was abolished following the end of the Rana Regime due to its lack of relevance in today’s democratic Nepal.


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