Introduction to Mirmunsi

Mirmunsi was an important Official of the Foreign Affairs Department of Nepal during the Rana Period. The Ranas would determine the Policy of the Foreign Affairs Department. Mirmunsi had to work under the Ranas. This Department was known as the Munsi Khana Adda.

After the Rise of the Shumshers in Nepal because of the 38 Saal Parva and 42 Saal Parva, this post was less prevalent and replaced by other Posts. The Ranas were educating themselves and didn’t need separate Individuals to do these tasks for them.

Generally, the Duties and Responsibilities of Mirmunsi spanned from translating Diplomatic letters from Foreign Countries to granting Passports, Gifts, and other means of Diplomatic Correspondence.

Duties of Mirmunsi

Translation and Interpretation of Languages

Mirmunsi was the Chief of the Munsikhana that handled the Foreign Affairs of Nepal, developed Foreign Policy, represented the Ranas in Foreign Policy, and corresponded internationally.

Mirmunsi studied letters received in foreign languages like Chinese, English, and Persian and submitted them to the Prime Minister.

The Communications of The Rana Government would generally happen with India under the British Government and other special envoys of the North including China and Tibet.

Therefore, Mirmunsi had to receive diplomatic letters or other modes by which they communicated, translated them, and provided them to the Ranas. Therefore, their role was also that of a Language Translator.

Diplomatic Correspondence

Mirmunsi had to send correspondence according to the Prime Minister’s intention. They had to be engaged in translating, interpreting letters and crafting Letters to be sent.

Although Nepal hadn’t expanded its Foreign Relations then, the Period of 1st World War and Second World War, where Nepal actively sent its troops, meant that Mirmunsi was quite an important Government Official.

Passport and Gift Management

As the Chief of Munsi Khana, Mirmunsi engaged in the management of the distribution of passports and the exchange of gifts.

Nepal would send many exotic Gifts to the British Raj in India, and India would also provide Nepal with modern wear and other Western Cultural elements that the Ranas wanted. They had to communicate throughout this exchange and make sure that the needs of the Ranas are met. They had to obey the command of the Rana Prime Ministers, Commander In Chief, and Even the Generals.


Mirmunsi was the Chief of Munsi Khana. Their Duties are as follows: translation and interpretation of languages, managing diplomatic correspondence, and distributing passports and gifts. They were engaged in Foreign Affairs and Correspondence.


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