Muluki Bandobasta Adda

Introduction of Muluki Bandobasta Adda

Muluki Bandobasta Adda was the Chief Administrative Office of Nepal, which was essential in ensuring supplies and resources to other offices of Nepal and inducing efficient administrative practices in Nepal.

It was the central Administration of Nepal of Civil Servants. In other words, it was the Public Service Commission of the Period with enhanced jurisdiction and authority.

It was responsible for managing peace and security, Revenue Collection, and the Administrative Office and had to oversee its operations. It also had the privilege of appointing, promoting, and removing Nepalese civil servants.

Historically, it evolved out of Pahad Bandobasta and Madhes Bandobasta. These were the branches of the Central Administration. Chandra Shumsher further added the Branches of Bandobasta Addas.

Important Branches of Muluki Bandobasta Adda

Ain Sawal Office

The Muluki Bandobasta Office had a branch dedicated to answering questions related to laws and regulations for the proper enforcement of Muluki Ain and other Complimentary laws.

It would interpret the Law and advise government employees on its application along with the resolution of Dispute and amendment as demanded by the Ranas.

This was the Central Administrative Office of Nepal and dealt with all forms of regulations and continuation within the nation.

Muluki Adda Purji Office

The Muluki Adda Purji Office existed for sending written instructions from Prime Minister to various offices in the form of supplies.

Report Niksari Office

The Muluki Bandobasta Adda was in charge of compiling and examining a number of reports pertaining to the Administration of Nepal.

The reports were divided into three sections: Pahad Report drainage area, Nepal Report Niksari Phant, and Madhes Report Niksari District. The extraction department had to review the reports of different regions.

They had to regularly update and compile the Latest Information and Statistics.

Maskewari Office

The Maskewari Office was in charge of gathering monthly reports from district offices and sending them to the Mukhtiar and the prime minister.

this section conducted investigations to make sure that government rules and laws were being followed, as instructed by Mukhtiyar and the Prime Minister.

Madhes Bandobasta Office

The Madhes Bandobasta Office had the authority for managing and overseeing Madhes-related property matters. This branch was divided into four sections: Lagat Phat, Report Phat, Virta Phat, and Tahwil Phat.

If the Employees themselves engaged in such Embezzlement of Property, they could be dismissed from the Employment or bepunished with Fine.

Nepal Pahad Bandobasta Office

The Nepal Pahad Bandobasta Office supervised cargo transport in Kathmandu Valley and the mountains. The Sub-Sectors of this Office was additionally instituted when needed. Commander In Chief, Generals, Hajuriya all had command over them.

Rakam Bandobasta Office

The Fund Settlement Office also known as Rakam Bandobasta Office was in charge of overseeing government leases and contracts. It had to make sure that government contracts and leases were faithfully maintained and carried out.


The Branches of Muluki Bandobasta Adda are the Ain Sawal Office, Muluki Adda Purji Office, Report Niksari Office, Maskewari Officer, Madhes Bandobasta Office, Nepal Pahad Bandobasta Office, and Rakam Bandobasta Office.


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