Police Goshwara

Introduction of Police Goshwara

Police Goshwara was a Viligance and Enforcement/Security Office established by Chandra Shumsher to regulate society and Prevent Uprisings and suppress them effectively.

Police Offices were also built in these Locations throughout Nepal: Biratnagar, Birgunj, Palpa, etc., as these Lands faced the maximum threat of Revolution and Revolt.  

The Primary Function of these Offices was to act as Chief Peace and Security Forces to back up the Rana Regime. They also wanted to prevent any rebellious individual from entering the Kathmandu Valley and instigating a revolution. Therefore, it was a two-edged Sword protecting both the People and the Ranas simultaneously led by the Commander In Chief and Hajuriya General.

Functions and Duties of Police Goshwara

Maintaining Law and Order

The Police Goshwara’s major purpose revolved around maintaining Law and Order in Nepal as the Ranas dictated it. They had to guarantee that that the public could live their daily lives without Security hurdles. Therefore, it was established in Various Districts and Towns.

The Police Goshwara also begun the tradition of issuing passports for Travel to track the movement of People in Nepal including that of Revolutionaries.

They are also supposed to enforce Nepalese Law by investigating the Crime and seizing the Criminals.

Crime Investigation and Prevention

The Police Goshwara was responsible for investigating and preventing crime. Close relatives of the Prime Minister headed the branches this Goshwara. They were conferred the responsibility of investigating crimes in respective districts.

In the Days of Rana Regime, they could carry out Patrols in specific regions, set up Checkpoints for Passport vigilance and conduct raid for Anti-Rana Activities.

Public Safety

The Police Goshwara is also expected to maintain Public Safety, especially in the context of Rana Regime. Revolution, Revolt and Rebellions could have affected the daily lives of the Nepalese Citizens. Festivals, Rallies and Protests were heavily guarded and surveilled by the Goshwara.


The Police Goshwara was established by Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher to maintain peace, enforce law and prevent revolution in the Kathmandu Valley. Its Major Duties was to maintain law and order by enforcing Regulations, preventing crime, and making space for Public Safety. It was a two-edged sword that protected both the people and the Ranas at the same time.


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